Gili Trawangan NTB

Besides wisata Bali , there were other tourist areas are the target of foreign tourists, Gili Trawangan name. Beautiful underwater(wisata bahari) natural and pollution-free air to attract tourists coming to berkunjung.Gili Trawangan in Gili Indah village in West Lombok, NTB's are excellent. The island is mostly attract foreign tourists to come, compared to two other islands in the village of Gili Indah, namely Gili Air and Gili Meno. "We have visited Gili Trawangan foreign tourists, because of the beauty beneath the sea, good security and hospitality of the people factor, "said the chief Gili Indah, HM Taufik, when the meet and gatering with the media in Quin Villa Resort and Spa, Gilitrawangan, Lombok, Friday (27/04/2012). This you can prove it by coming directly to Gili Trawangan. Every tourist who comes will be welcomed by the locals friendly smile, no greeting hangat.Selain forget it, this island also has the air is still clean, pollution-free. Motor vehicles of any kind are forbidden there. This is what makes the air Gili Trawangan is always clean, free polusi.Nah, there is another one that became famous Gili Trawangan among tourists. The island has an underwater world that is so beautiful, this is where their magical power. "What we sell at the Gili is baharinya travel, underwater beauty. Here there are many dive or snorkel spot. That's what makes Gili advanced compared to other places, "added Taufik.Kenakan your diving equipment, menyelamlah and discover underwater beauty. Beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish can be found directly when diving. Sea water is also very clear, to the point that you can see the fish swim free of the water surface. Cool! Do not stop there, people Gili Trawangan are also promising security for every tourist who comes. Bag or other device secured disembarang even left the place. "Never mind the sandals and bag, freely removable cows just do not take people missing," lid Taufik.

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